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Independent Power Producer (IPP)

As an IPP, Atlaspower evaluates legal, technical and economic feasibility of business opportunities, and implements new power projects to public grid networks, based in any renewable technology, guarantying its financing, construction, commissioning, start-up and O&M (Operation and Maintenance) during its contractual life time.

In this context, several projects were developed with the photovoltaic (PV) technology in Portugal, according to formers mini production legal regime, being presently under evaluation the feasibility for the development of new projects in Cape Verde and South Africa.

In this sense, the new company Atlaspower Cabo Verde was incorporated, according to Cape Verde legal framework, aiming to develop this type of projects in that country, and progressively expand the concept to ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West African States)

Photovoltaic Energy

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Photovoltaic Energy

Together with the wind, it is the most widespread renewable technology, mainly due to its ease of adaptation …
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Concentrated Photovoltaic

fotovoltaica concentracao

Concentrated Photovoltaic

It’s a quite similar technology to the photovoltaic, with the exception that over the photovoltaic cells …
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Concentrated solar Power

termosolar concentracao

Concentrated Solar Power

It’s a technology using today several different processes, but all aiming to reach the same target …
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It’s a technology whose most common way to produce electricity, is done through biomass combustion in central power stations made by…
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Biogas is a gas composed mainly of methane (CH4) with different percentages (usually between 50% to 85%)…
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E. Eólica

energia eolica


Its together with photovoltaic the most widespread renewable technology to produce electricity. Over last years…
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E. Hídrica



It’s a technology usually having some barriers preventing its development, namely the correspondent permits (may include environmental evaluations and last for several years), and its investment cost…
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